Akshay Bhandari- The Independent Journalist of MP

Akshay Bhandari is a journalist and social worker. He is working in the journalism field for almost 10 years. He is currently the editor of the Times of Malwa web news portal.

Akshay Bhandari keeps writing and writing along with journalism. Along with this, Akshay focuses more on social issues ie social journalism.
Expressing his views further, Akshay Bhandari says that the scene of earlier journalism was different but today’s journalism has changed a lot. He further explains that he enjoys reading newspapers and writings published in them, reading poetry, and also keep reading regularly.

his maternal grandfather used to write novels, compositions of C. Panchhiraj Kumath, the same grandfather used to discuss holding Bal Kavi Sammelan, due to which my inclination towards poetry and journalism continued to grow.

After that, Sputnik was associated with the newspaper National Weekly from 2012 to 2017. Then also worked as a correspondent in many newspapers. This journey did not stop there, later he joined digital media platforms to keep pace with the times. Akshay did journalism by sending video news covers on http://www.breakingnews24x7.in and emstv.in.

With the key of all this experience, I myself started the Times of Malwa Hindi news portal and after its immense success, started the English news portal of Times of Malwa and am running it successfully.


Whether it is a program related to patriotism as a social worker, or to organize a rangoli competition with the aim of promoting folk art culture by forming a Tilak Social Group, I feel very happy to contribute.
Also wrote slogans about adulteration and the happiness felt by registering the city eighty-four tradition in the world record, which I cannot express in words. I keep encouraging art and budding artists, so giving them the right guidance and choosing the right path is my aim.



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Akshay Bhandari,Editor Web News Portal timesofmalwa English/Hindi. (Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication)